Monday, October 17, 2005

The Harriet Miers Accomplishment Phase

Time says:

Get ready for a whole new Harriet. After a disastrous two weeks,White House officials say they hope to relaunch the nomination of HarrietMiers for the Supreme Court by moving from what they call a "biographicalphase" to an "accomplishment phase." In other words, stop debating her religionand personality and start focusing on her résumé as a pioneering female lawyerof the Southwest. "We got a little wrapped around the axle," an exhaustedWhite House official said. "As the focus becomes less on who she's not andmore on who she is, that's a better place to be."

So, as the WhiteHouse counsel begins her formal prep sessions this week for a confirmationhearing that's likely to start in early November, President Bush will holda photo op with former chief justices of the Texas Supreme Court who willtestify to Miers' qualifications and legal mind. The White House's 20-person"confirmation team" will line up news conferences, opinion pieces and letters to the editor by professors and former colleagues who can talk about Miers'experience dealing with such real-world issues...,8816,1118366,00.html

Maybe the White House will talk about the cases she litigated. We did. See our prior post.

We invite the law professors, judges and others to comment on those cases and on our take on them.


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