Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Harriet Miers, First Woman

The White House includes the First Woman tag on the list of accomplishments.


They do not explain.

We are left to assume that it shows Harriet Miers to be more accomplished.


Most famous is State Bar of Texas First Woman President, Harriet Miers.

Is that a greater accomplishment than, State Bar of Texas President, Harriet Miers, or Third Woman President?

I have not seen this addressed.

Who did she defeat? A man? A woman?

How was she selected? By the powers that run the SBOT? If not, by whom? If so, did they choose her because she was a woman, or despite her being a woman?

How many ran for the job?

Was there a vote? What percentage voted? What percentage voted for her? What percentage of the membership knew her? What did members know about her. Did they vote for her, or against her opponent? Did they vote for her because she was a woman? Did some vote against her because she was a woman? Were votes the result of a campaign? How does it work? Do lawyers vote for someone they know, or for someone recommended by someone else?

Is the White House claiming that Texas lawyers are sexist pigs who would not support a woman until they met Harriet Miers, saw her litigate in court, read her briefs, and were blown away?

Was she selected by a bar elite because they wanted a Big Firm Dallas Woman Trial Lawyer, and it was the turn for her firm?

What is the White House saying?

They are just saying: Harrier Miers, First Woman President, State Bar of Texas.

What are we to make of that? Would someone please explain?

And while you are at it, consider whether she was President instead of another first. Had there already been a black, hispanic, oriental or muslim? Was she the one more White Christian President?

Consider a point system. How many points for being the President? How many points for being the First Woman? How many points for being another white big firm trial lawyer from Dallas? How many if she ran against a man, or two men, or a woman, or a black, oriental, or hispanic, or if it was an all woman field? Feel free to deduct points if something is a negative.


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