Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Harriet Miers Writing Style

The substance is poor, but what about her writing style?


Does it matter?


Clear thinking and writing matter at the SCOTUS.

All they do is vote and write.

Votes are not enough.

What they write matters.

I read their opinions.

Short is good.

Clear is good.

Entertaining is good.

Pretentious is bad.

It appears that Miers is not up to clear short entertaining writing.

I can imagine 4-4-1 decisions with Miers as the deciding one, and no one knowing what her opinion means.

There have been some decisions like that. They are not helpful. Sometimes, for decades, no one knows what the law is because the Supreme Court split decisions are a mess. We might know who won and what each group of four thought, but have years of arguing over what Miers said, meant to say, and will say next time.

It matters. It matters to me.


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